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Greetings from the Shoreham Sessions! There have been traditional folk music sessions in Shoreham-by-Sea for over 20 years. A 'session' is a group of musicians meeting in a pub to play tunes and sing songs. The music mainly originates from the folk tradition, and might have come from England, Scotland, Ireland or elsewhere, the origins often having been lost in the mists of time. The Shoreham Sessions are currently led by local band Magellan, ably assisted by a number of friends. All those who appreciate traditional music are very welcome to come and participate or listen.

What kind of music is played? The selection of instruments you might hear on a particular night depends on who turns up to play. As well as the organisers, this could be any of quite a number of regulars. You might hear squeezeboxes such as accordions, melodions, and concertinas; stringed instruments such as guitars, mandolins, mandolas, banjos, an electric bass, and occasionally perhaps a hurdy-gurdy; bodhrans, drums, tambourines, and other items of percussion. You might hear songs: ballads, songs of the wars, songs of love-unrequited, sea-shanties, and perhaps even modern songs, all performed with traditional folk instruments.

When and where? The Session has moved about a bit, having at one time or another been in half a dozen or so Shoreham pubs over 20 years. We meet to play once a month. Occasionally the pub changes, and with it the night on which we meet. To find out when, and where we will be next, consult the Folkmaster Diary Listing page.

Come along and play, or listen! We welcome musicians who bring their instruments to play, singers to entertain with a song, and, of course, anyone who wishes to come and listen.

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Shoreham Session
Shoreham Session
Shoreham Session

Shoreham Sessions, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England, UK